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Jim Zimmer

Often the Content is Impenetrable 

January 25 - March 3, 2019

These pieces stemmed from a need to pull myself away from my day-to-day work created for the approval of other people in order to make work to please myself. I wanted to make things that weren’t overly analyzed or poured over for hours; things that were fun to assemble and allowed my mind space to think more freely. No parameters. No self-imposed limits. Subconsciously, themes such as calm, pain, serenity and wandering arose out of the process and extended across several of the pieces by way of composition, materials, and technique. In my studio practice, I utilize common yet unexpected materials, working with a kind of automatism, exploring the boundaries of art and object, and the possibilities of parameterless creation.

     - Jim Zimmer

Jim Zimmer is a creative director based in Louisville, Kentucky. He runs a graphic design studio with his wife Jessica, called Zimmer- Design, where they get to work with clients across the globe. He studied studio art at DePauw University.